IKCON TECHNOLOGIES INC provide services for planning, implementing and managing mobility solutions for clients. IKCON Technologies Mobility services are based on industry insights and technical expertise that helps clients across all industries to achieve growth, efficiency and manage a successful transformation as they adopt the tools of a digital business.

Our mobility professioanals network build applications that deliver superior user experiences across platforms while integrating seamlessly with ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems. What you get is a more agile and efficient business driven by a more connected and productive workforce

Mobile technology has been promising to transform the pharmaceutical research environment for some time now. Mobility growth continues to outpace traditional internet growth, in both participants and network expansion, especially in the developing world. Open source continues to grow within the mobile space, with the continued rise of the open source Android platform and the slowed growth or decline of former significant players Apple and Blackberry. This open source growth will push mobile development away from traditional platform dependent “apps” and to more platform independent offerings, increasingly leveraging HTML 5. Mobile security and privacy will continue to be significant concerns for enterprise mobility.