IKCON TECHNOLOGIES INC expertise and ability to deliver successful BI services that combine data from various systems and applications into a single source of actionable information, helping them streamline business processes and gain a competitive advantage.

It can be difficult to find, or even know where to look for, all the information you need to make important decisions in a timely fashion. IKCON Technologies’s provide services that enable the clients to develop a number of proven approaches, frameworks and accelerators that help quickly capture, visualize and report on the huge amounts of data generated by your finance, sales, manufacturing, HR and other business systems.

Accelerating Delivery of Your BI Solution


Strategic BI Roadmap

Identify and prioritize BI projects that will deliver the greatest value and impact while providing support for future development of business decision systems.

Self-service Business Analytics

Get easy-to-use BI tools to help you generate your own reports, allowing your over-burdened IT organization to focus on other critical business initiatives.


Master Data Management / Data Governance

Create a single rich source, or golden record, of all your data to provide a centralized and consistent database that improves analytics and assures reporting accuracy.

Improve the efficiency of your business intelligence systems by moving to Microsoft’s cost-effective and feature-rich suite of BI reporting tools. Speed development and assure reliability of many components of your BI solution, including ETL, Reporting and Dashboards, Social BI, Business Analytics, Administration Portal and more.


Data Visualization Tools Will Become Essential Enterprise IT Investments

Visualization tools for big data will no longer be a nice-to-have in the enterprise; they will become a must-have IT expenditure. Presenting data in a digestible and intuitive manner is critical to empowering non-technical employees to derive insights from information, and to capture the attention of senior management and executives, it will soon come down to, ‘What do we do with our data and how do we express it and visualize it?’”


More Organizations Will Implement Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

More organizations will implement machine learning technologies, including semi-automated development of predictive and prescriptive models to increase productivity. The rise of the “Industrial Internet” will affect the multiple business sectors dramatically. Machine-to-machine data will grow significantly and continue to do so in the coming years. By 2020, 40% of all data will come from sensor data.  Executives will forge ahead with greater awareness that algorithms have their limitations and need to be balanced with human rationale.

A machine/computer can detect certain things based on algorithms and predetermined criteria, but a human brain can sort out any inconsistencies and nuances in a way an algorithm cannot, in the short term there will be an increase the need for deeper analysis by qualified individuals.

IT executives will need to bear in mind that data needs to be prepared and cleaned correctly, and that the people running the analyses understand the “machine learning” process in detail.